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I am compelled to get the hidden messages in the Harry Potter series out to the mainstream.
Although much has been said correctly about the series from a Christian viewpoint, I see a huge amount of material that has been un-addressed. The agenda so skillfully implemented in the series has been becoming apparent to me with more and more clarity.
Simply put, the material in the series that is now being ingeniously introduced goes directly to the Mars-Cydonia link.

This link has been illustrated in David Flynn’s book “Cydonia, The secret Chronicles of Mars”.
In order to more fully understand the hidden meaning of the Harry potter series, the understanding of the information in this book is essential.

I must pause here to remark that the scope of this explanation will not attempt to go into re-telling the stories. (Although after reading all that I have to say, a good understanding could be gained)

In addition to reading Flynn’s book, anyone who has missed reading the Harry Potter novels or viewing the subsequent movies should take the time to educate themselves.
I also must add that, without exception I find the whole series to be highly entertaining, skillfully written and produced. I do think however that the entertainment value of the series should not somehow be confused with integrity. The series is diabolical, as you shall discover yourselves. Read on.

For my first bit here I’m going to merely lay out the characters and go into their true (illuminated) positions.

Who are the main characters and who do they represent?

Harry Potter: The main character, a youthful wizard of legendary and mystical beginnings who is forced to spend part of his time living with his non-wizard relatives.
Harry represents man in general but specifically, the illuminated few. In the light of the timing of the series, these men are making great progress. They struggle in a world of muggles (non-wizard blood) who lack even the slightest understanding of the hidden power and knowledge that controls the universe.

Harry is a derivation of Henry from the Germanic name "Haimric" and Old French "Henri" which meant "home rule," composed of the elements heim "home" and ric "power, rule." A very popular Norman surname after the Conquest.

Of course a “Potter” is someone who shapes something lifeless into something useful. The ability to shape reality according to ones will is the heart of witchcraft. The word “wiccan”, wicker or witch means the same thing, to shape according to ones will.

The Burning Man festival that is now an annual event in the Nevada desert each year celebrates the “wiccan” philosophy. Mans desire to do as he wishes is celebrated in the extreme at this festival that culminates in the burning of a giant wicker man standing with his arms outstretched.

Those who believe that they have the god like power to control and shape reality have no need for a God.

Professor Albus Dumbledore or Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore:

Below comes from the Harry Potter Lexicon

“Albus comes from the Latin word for white, as well as suggesting Albion, an ancient, Arthurian name for Britain Albion, an ancient, Arthurian name for Britain.
Percival has been suggested to mean 'pierce the veil,' a reference to the Veil in the Death Chamber of the Department of Mysteries. The name Percival, according to the various baby name sources, means either "pierce the veil" or "pierce the valley." Percival was one of the Table Knights who achieved the Holy Grail.

Dumbledore is an old English word for bumblebee, according to JKR, who says that she imagines him wandering around the castle humming to himself.

Interestingly, the word "dumbledore" has another possibly important meaning. Although not widely known, an alternate meaning for the word Dumbledore is a style of hat the was made semi-popular in London in the 1880s-1890s. Taking this meaning into account, Albus Dumbledore's name would have the meaning "White Hat".

Grindelwald struck me because it looked so much like the monster Grendel in the 8th-century Norse epic Beowulf and Grendel.

His second middle name is Wulfric. If you break down the names, Beowulf breaks down to BEO = 'powerful bear' and WULF = 'wolf.' Dumbledore's second middle name breaks down to WULF = 'wolf' and RIC = 'power, rule.'

Considering Dumbledore conquers over Grindelwald in 1945, I would say there is a high probablity Dumbledore's second middle name is an allusion to THE Beowulf and Grindelwald's name is an allusion to THE Grendel.
Of course this is speculation, but considering the fact that Rowling studied Classics at the University of Exeter, it is almost certain that she is familiar with the Beowulf epic.”

Also, I found this:
Dore – French gilded (de, with); golden hair, corn, dreams, tanned, bronzed skin; (Cookery) glazed ~ sur tranche gilt-edged “

Dumbledore is a wise and powerful wizard, (interestly at the same level as Voldemort), the headmaster of Hogwarts, and mentor of Harry Potter.

Dumbledore represents the light bringer. A more quaint term for him would be Lucifer (Light) or Satan. Ever watchful over the affairs of the students, he has a father-like relationship with Harry.
He has last word on the rules at Hogwarts, he slyly mentions consequences of breaking them and at the same time suggests to Harry that they are to be ignored. Never offering too much, his information turns out at times to be quite the opposite from the facts. Nevertheless his method never fails to aid Harry towards victory when gathering the “knowledge” he seeks.

volito : to rush back and forth, flutter, flit about / hurry, hasten.
volo : to fly, speed, move rapidly.
volo : to wish, want, will, ordain, suppose, maintain that, be willing
du mort - of death.
Voldemort, the purveyor of death - the one who escapes death, is the enemy of Harry Potter and Dumbledore and the killer of his parents.

This is God, the enemy of the illuminated man, the destroyer of the worlds and works of man, and in the Potter series, Harry is his nemesis. He wishes to stop Harry from gaining power. He is ever present and able to reincarnate. The wizards and witches fear even the mere mention of his name. He is jealous of his power.

It is interesting to note the blasphemous implication of his name here. If his hidden identity is actually God - why imply that he has "escaped death"? Death came into the world via the sly subtle one's suggestion to Eve,

"You shall not die! God knows that your eyes WILL BE OPENED and you will be like gods."

Becoming god-like is exactly what Dumbledore is helping his students achieve.

God is the author of all life, and death can only exist apart from Him.


Hermione Granger: Half wizard and half muggle, a repository of the knowable, her name suggests a link to the god, Hermes.

Hermes is the Greek god of commerce, god of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics and thieves, and known for his cunning and shrewdness.

This god Hermes is special, as he gives us direct link to the Light Bringer as well as to Cydonia.

From David’s book;
Ancient authors referred to Apollo and Hermes as incarnations of the same deity, both were preserved in myth as the father of Cydon, both were depicted with a “rod of knowledge” and as the companion of a serpent. Those schooled in Hermetic arts—the knowledge taught by Cain and his descendents -- joined a tradition of priests who “knew the heavens”, the “centaurs”. The caduceus symbol of Mercury and the staves of the Salii priests of Mars are references to that knowledge of the heavens “

Granger: Old English, Farmer. Apart from this meaning the name is similar to the Greek god Granicus, the silver eddie born of Tethys and Ocean (as told by the Muses who dwelt in the house of Olympus) She is included in the large group of immortals born after the first Chaos. (the first destruction of the earth)
Interestingly, among these gods is Cerberus, the fifty headed dog who gaurds the entrance of Hades from the living wishing to enter. (Cerberus makes an appearance in “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone” as a three headed dog named “Fluffy”)

“Men say that Typhaon the terrible, outrageous and lawless, was joined in love to her (Echidna), the maid with glancing eyes. So she conceived and brought forth fierce offspring; first she bare Orthus the hound of Geryones, and then again she bare a second, a monster not to be overcome and that may not be described, Cerberus who eats raw flesh, the brazen-voiced hound of Hades”
(ll. 295-305) Homer, THE THEOGONY

Hermione is the female aspect of the enlightened man. Harry is never without her at his side. Eventually, he solves all riddles with her help. Of course, this is consistent with how the “serpent” has interacted with the illuminated throughout history. The subtle disseminator of magic is always at man’s side, offering pertinent bits of information to aid him in his quest for status as a god.

Ron: The name means, a mighty counselor or ruler. Ron is always at Harry’s side, that is, until the final battle that Harry must always do alone.
Again here is another aspect of what man needs to achieve greater and greater steps to illumination, the diabolical trinity of hermetic counsel and achievement, Harry, Hermione, and Ron. With the aid of the light bringer, they will become like god.




Hogwarts: (or Hogworts)The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Seems simple enough, what could possibly be hidden in a name?

It could simply mean what it appears, but with Potter series, the names used never quite have just one meaning.
Hog: A swine, a pig, and animal that lives in its own filth.

Wort: A byproduct of the grain fermentation process. Whether making beer or whiskey, the grain is put through a process where the sugar is removed and then it is thrown out. Often it becomes a staple for pigs.

Perhaps the joke is on the heroes of the Potter series. Their art may be on a level much lower than they realize. Or perhaps the fruit of the knowledge gained is not what one would expect.

This is all for now. Much more to follow.


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