The Serpent And The Rainbow

Explained as bluntly and directly as possible, ALL the activity of the illuminated elite throughout history has been to bring about a “golden age” when their god will rule the earth, finally manifest in human form. This coming god-man king referred to by the elite Freemasons as the “light bringer” has always been symbolized in elaborate ritual and art as variations of the Hermathena or Baphomet.

(For examples of variations on the Hermathena/Baphomet theme see: The Essence of the Baphomet hidden in Harry Potter. also includes examples of the Thrice Great One, Masonic Circumpunct, Monad, Azoth, and Tauroctony. )

The unification of the man (The sun – Sol Invictus – Attis -Nachash) and the woman (The moon – Cybele – Eve) depicts the time when the Nachash takes on human form to rule the earth. The serpent has been separated from his “love” (Eve) since the garden and as the Illuminated would describe, both the moon (Eve) and the sun (Nachash) have longed to be together once more after their unjust and harsh separation by God.

The concept of a reunification between Eve and the Nachash is discernible in the very ancient god, Mithra. Understanding Mithra in the artistic representation known as the Tauroctony is extremely important.

s06can8Notice the twins on either side of Mithra , one revealing light with upturned torch and the other concealing, with his torch pointed to the earth. The Tauroctony includes more than the “light” between twins however. It intimates the unification of the man (Sol Invictus – Attis -Nachash) and the woman (Cybele – Eve) manifest in Mithra. At the time of this unification, God (symbolized by the bull) is “murdered.”

The Hermathena concept vividly represented in the Tauroctony is honored and ritualistically created as well. An example of this has been NASA’s Apollo program. (See: Chronology of U.S. Astronaut Missions (1961 – 1972)

NASA’s timeline began with the Mercury missions to first establish the ability to achieve manned earth orbit. First specifically, Mercury Redstone (an allusion to the Nachashian involvement with and escape from the red planet – Mars. (Read David Flynn’s Cydonia, The Secret Chronicles of Mars))

The next was Mercury Atlas (alluding to the Nachash’s involvement with the separation of heaven and earth beginning at the garden)

The next series in the mission was the Gemini, which was executed to gain experience of connecting vehicles together in space, maneuvers necessary for the next stage, the moon landing known as –

Apollo. The god of the sun.

It was not a coincidence that the first lunar landing occurred in July and by a craft named specifically, Apollo 11. In a manifold fashion, first with the names of the series of missions required to finally achieve the meeting of the Sun (Apollo – Hermes – Attis – Sol Invictus) and the moon (Cybele – Eve) The Illuminated elite through NASA honored the expected coming achievement of their worshiped god becoming a man on earth.

The initiate priests of the goddess Cybele and her son Attis emasculated themselves during the bloody frenzy during “the day of blood,” making themselves eunuchs by their own will. (For more information on the Feast of Cybele see: Equinox parallels – the Georgia Guidestones, the Feast of Cybele and Halloween.)

What was the true esoteric meaning behind the need to imitate the “madness” of Attis? The elimination of Attis’ maleness points to the act of the Nachash in the garden. He (as the Illuminati believe) willingly inserted himself into a position where he knew he would be “emasculated” by God in order to save mankind. An important addition to this point is that symbolically, the casting off of an obvious mode of reproduction meant that he would have to somehow find the power to resurrect himself in a supernatural fashion, outside the natural method given to men by God. (also a way to accentuate his mocking of God)

On to the events of today.

This was brought to my attention by Perelandra Kilns:

From June 21st (Summer solstice):

“You can see the moon, Jupiter, and Venus, in triangular configuration from left to right. Leo, the lion of Judah, is directly above, and Cancer, the stronghold of the saved, is directly below… Also, The two stars directly over the white house in the background are Castor and Pollux! A triangle – Jupiter at the apex and a base of the Moon and Venus. I cannot help but wonder at the meaning of this, on the last day of Spring. Tonight’s configuration, according to Stellarium, is changed – it was a one night deal. Although, tonight, on the first day of summer, the moon moves under the feet of Leo.”


Photo by Perelandra Kilns

Celestially, this configuration is occurring at a very symbolically important time. 3000 years ago the Egyptians observed the helical rising of the star Sirius 3 days after the summer solstice. Incidentally, the Freemasons celebrate St. John’s day on June 24th with the understanding (at least by the elite) that it represents the Masonic Circumpunct or Hermathena.

twojohns 2At summer solstice June 21st, Sirius and the sun rise together. On July 4th Sirius finally rises before the sun, although it is too near the sun to be seen. It first becomes visible above the eastern horizon for a brief moment just before sunrise in August 8th which is our time of the helical rising because of the difference caused by 3000 years of procession. (See: Apokalyptō (ἀποκαλύπτω “revealing”) of the Georgia Guidestones for some history and importance of the star Sirius.)

I now believe that this conjunction has ominous significance. – along with the twins of Gemini echoing of the ancient helical rising of Sirius and St. John’s day, they form a doubly accentuated Hermathena.

Perelandra later pointed this out:

6/26/15 was the Charleston FUNERAL (death element) where O spoke. Also the day the Supreme Court passed gay marriage as lawful across the land.

9/11/01 to 6/26/15 is 5036 days.

6/30/15 will be 5040 days from 9/11/01.

… If 2520 represents Babylon #1, then 2520+2520 = 5040 equals Babylon Twice? To put it another way, 2520 (the monetary values/standards of weight of “mene mene tekel uparsin”, which was the handwriting on the wall in Belshazzar’s court as described by Dave in Temple at the Center of Time) was indicative of old Babylon’s fall. One “Fallen”. 5040 could be New Babylon’s “Fallen” “Fallen”, i.e., the magic started at 9/11/01’s “culmination”. TO THEM, the “golden age” is right around the corner. Of course also the perimeter of the temple mount and the relation between the perimeter of great pyramid and the moon.

Quick reference for Dave’s posts on 5040, and of course its relation to 2016:

Realize that the 5040 number is the combined radii of the earth and moon – or the earth and moon TOGETHER. (Remember who Mithra represents)


Picture by David Flynn


Why is Bruce Jenner so admired in the modern media? As the Illuminated recognize, he/she is a modern day priest of Attis/Cybele or a living effigy of Attis. In the same fashion, the encouragement of a diminished perceived importance of the significance of gender honors the Attis concept. Why the adulation and joy over the Supreme Court declaring gay marriage legal throughout the United States? Things are not as they seem to the vulgar – for the Nachashian elite revel at the “signs” of the coming resurrection of Mithra/Attis/Apollo.

The Nachash was cursed, made to grovel in the dirt and yet is coming soon as human god-king.

Rev 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

Understand the meaning of the White House in the midst of the evil city and Freedom Tower (formerly the “twin” towers) lit with the colors of the rainbow.

Digressing here a bit but for added clarity later on, the recurring rainbow theme in “Eyes Wide Shut” (I would rename it after my analysis as “Sympathy For The Devil”) is displaying a message hidden in plain sight.

The scene with the doctor played by Tom Cruise (Satan) being led by the two models represents a Baphomet. One revealing women (whom the doctor had met previously) and one mysterious on either side of the Light-bringer were in the process of moving toward his destiny – “to where the rainbow ends.”

“Don’t you want to go where the rainbow ends?”

The rainbow is the coming Antichrist’s symbol, taken from the sign of the covenant God gave to man. The Nachash has diabolically but cleverly usurped it for himself. Why did God send the flood? It was a direct result of the Nachashian intervention on earth. The revealing nature of light via the now discernible colors of the rainbow are as the knowledge held and revealed through the interaction of the Nachash amongst men. Who can understand the method planed by the serpent to raise himself up and rule over men – as a man? It would be, at least for men, a feat as impossible as reaching the rainbow’s end. I believe that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow idea also reflects this understanding that the Illuminated have. When it IS reached, the golden age begins.

The rainbow lit White House and Freedom Tower are evil signs.


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