Apokalyptō (ἀποκαλύπτω “revealing”) of the Georgia Guidestones

The location, form, and astrological function of the Georgia Guidestones point to more than a new-age art project stating hope for the future of the earth (mankind is considered far less important than the earth to the illuminated builders) but is an instrument for watching time in apprehension of not only a coming event, but a coming “savior.” As such, a group that possesses specific knowledge of the timing of this future event constructed the monument.

The mythological stone guarded by Python and later Apollo at Delphi that was said to mark the center of the world was known as the Omphalos.


The omphalos at the museum of Delphi.

In a similar fashion, the area chosen for the construction of the Georgia guidestones was in close proximity to what the Cherokee Indians called, Al-yeh-li A lo-Hee, meaning “the center of the world.” (From Georgia encyclopedia: http://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/articles/history-archaeology/georgia-guidestones)

The monument consists of four massive blue granite slabs set in an X or Phoenician “tav” pattern with a center column known as the “Gnomen” stone. (From The New Georgia Encyclopedia’s web site.)

Gnomen is an alteration of the word “gnomon” from the Greek gnomon γνώμων meaning, “one that knows or examines, an interpreter, discerner.” (From the Perseus digital library)

ff_guidestones3_f(1) In the middle of the Gnomen stone is a large slot with a hole cut through the granite. On an equinox or solstice, visitors who stand at the west side of the “mail slot” can observe the sun rising on the horizon.

(2) An eye-level oblique hole is drilled in the Gnomen stone upward allowing observers standing on the south side to locate the North Star, Polaris. Polaris remains fixed as the celestial sphere rotates once counter clockwise every 24 hours.

(3) A seven-eighths-inch hole at the top of the horizontal mantel or capstone of the monument allows a sunbeam to illuminate the southern face of the Gnomen stone.

If marked each day at noon for a year, the resulting pattern of sunbeam locations form an Analemma.


Example of an Analemma plotted as seen at noon GMT from the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (latitude 51.48° north, longitude 0.0015° west).

The importance of “knowing” the times and seasons as they are related to the movement of the sun and the celestial sphere is important not only to measure the passage of time but to track the position of the most important object to the followers of ancient (and modern) alchemy – the brightest star in the northern hemisphere, Sirius.

In 1675 the British astronomer John Flamsteed, first Astronomer Royal to King Charles, directed the construction of the royal observatory of Greenwich built for the sole purpose of determining longitude for the earth for the kingdom of Britain. From the Greenwich observatory, the sun and stars were cataloged according to the exact time they passed overhead for every day of the year. It has long been known that the most efficient star with which to determine latitude is the brightest, Sirius.

The Royal Observatory records the passing of the star Sirius by dropping a bright orange ball from the apex of a tower on the Flamsteed House every day at 13:00 hours at the spot on earth designated as the Prime Meridian.

UnhfouseHere, the ancient knowledge of time, space and earth’s connection to the heavens is esoterically displayed. Each day, at 12.55, the time ball rises half way up its mast. At 12.58 it rises all the way to the top. At 13.00 exactly, the ball falls.

timeball_20040526085133Time is fixed to the Earth at the Observatory, “regressing” to the west and “increasing” to the east. The Observatory was “anchored” beneath the celestial sphere at the constellation of the dog or “wolf”, Canis Major which rests upon Gemini, the twins, corresponding to the area on earth below at the earth’s prime meridian.


Gemini and Canis Major over the prime meridian.

The constellations Gemini and Canis Major with the brightest star Sirius above (or below depending on viewing orientation) are anchored at the Royal Observatory and the Flamsteed Ball. The prime, key, meridian, highest sun, or point of highest development or fullest alchemic power is always the star Sirius between the twins.

The “Wolf” star, Sirius is directly linked to Egyptian Thoth, the Greek Hermes or the Roman god Mercury. The binary system also represents Isis and Osiris together as “one.” Even the Pawnee tribe of North America, and others, refers to Sirius as the “Wolf Star.”

As a symbolic object, the caduceus represents Hermes or the Roman Mercury.


Modern caduceus

The sign of Hermes and its essential meaning describes the angel that visited Eve in the Garden. It also symbolizes that this angel encapsulates and purports to be the embodiment of the knowledge, light or life. The serpent gives his “gnosis” to whom he chooses, or keeps it hidden.

The earliest symbolic depiction of the caduceus can be traced to the Temple of Dendera, which is located about 2.5 km south-east of Dendera, Egypt.


From the Temple of Dendera. The Rod of Osiris. 1224 BC.

In some vase paintings ancient depictions of the Greek kerukeion are somewhat different from the commonly seen modern representation of the caduceus that feature the two snakes atop the staff crossed to create a circle with the heads of the snakes resembling horns. This old graphic form, with an additional crossbar to the staff, seems to have provided the basis for the graphical sign of Mercury (☿) used in Greek astrology from Late Antiquity.


Hermes carrying the caduceus staff or kerukeion.

It is said the wand of Hermes would wake the sleeping and send the awake to sleep. If applied to the dying their death was gentle, if applied to the dead they returned to life. The Guildhall Museum in London holds a 3rd-century oculist’s seal with the caduceus symbol. The seal was apparently used to mark preparations of eye medicine. [Hart, Gerald D (1972-12-09). “The earliest medical use of the caduceus”. Canadian Medical Association Journal 107.]

Of course an occultist, knowing the mysteries would naturally mark medicine that improved eye health with the sign of the twin serpents.

The European alchemists were known as mystics who endeavored primarily to transmute base metals into gold and to find an elixir of immortality. As usual, the popular understanding of the alchemist and their goals was wrapped in allegory. The true alchemist understands that the source of the power that they sought was from Hermes himself. The idea of turning base metals to gold was really an analogy for the continuing dedication to a mysterious conclusion. The efforts towards this goal are known as the “undertaking.”

The German magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer, and alchemist, Heinrich Agrippa (1486 –1535) used this symbol for the star Sirius.


Agrippa’s symbol for Sirius.


Portrait of Heinrich Agrippa mimicking the gesture of Hermes (Thoth)

Notice the similarity Agrippa’s symbol for Sirius and the alchemic symbol for mercury.



The 16th century alchemist John Dee created the “Monad,” which he claimed depicted the complete essence of the power of all knowledge.


John Dee’s Monad

The importance of the Georgia Guidestones measuring the passage of time as the celestial sphere rotates around Polaris every 24 hours is important.

There is another very important alchemic symbol that incorporates the idea of a specific measurement of time as well as the idea of the circuit to signify when the great work will have been completed. This powerful symbol also is related to the number 24.

Anno Lucis is Latin for “Year of Light,” abbreviated as “A.L.” and used for dates in Freemasonry. To translate western calendar dates to A.L., simply add 4000.

The year 1776 is inscribed on the Great Seal of the United States at the bottom of the pyramid in Roman Numerals.

the_great_seal_0The lunisolar Hebrew calendar is said to begin at the time of man’s creation in the Garden of Eden. The head of the year or Rosh Hashanah occurred on September 25th 2014. We are now in the year 5775.

This number is 1 away from the actual height of the one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry, the Great Pyramid of Giza that stands 481.3 feet (5776 inches ) high.

pya10There will be 240 years from A.L. 5776 – 1776 to A.M. 5776 – 2016.

(A. M. is the abbreviation used in the Hebrew calendar, “Anno Mundi. ” Latin “in the year of the world”)

Divide 5776 by 240.

5776/240 = 24.0666…

The increment of years between the 5776 dates that neatly define the bottom (beginning of the establishment of the United States) to the top of the Great Pyramid (its height in Hebrew years) give the allotted time for the “Great Work.”

The result of the division of the 240 years between the symbolic 5776 beginning and ending years symbolizes completion of the cycle. Sirius will have competed his (24 hour) circuit.

What is the importance of Independence Day, the federal holiday in the United States of America commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776?

On this day Sirius finally rises before the sun.


Star map at the location of the Georgia Guidestones on July 4th. Sirius is circled in red. The green meridian line shows the leading position of Sirius before the sun as the celestial sphere rotates from left to right.

Back to the talismanic cube event.

There is good evidence that a temporary cube was made to fit into the structure at the time of its design. (http://vanshardware.com/2014/10/anonymous-message-claims-to-reveal-r-c-christian-identity-georgia-guidestones-doom-date/)

The monument had the notch cut out and a temporary stone set in place at the time of its construction – not after. After the cube was removed sometime in 2009 the empty space showed remaining cement and two depressions made to more securely fasten the temporary cube into position.


“Van’s Hardware Journal” describes the faked account of the first cube being removed and lists timing problems with monitoring cameras, photo shopping of the perpetrator, reporting anomalies, and brings up the issue of the distortion of the supposed removed cube. (Again see: http://vanshardware.com/2014/10/anonymous-message-claims-to-reveal-r-c-christian-identity-georgia-guidestones-doom-date/)

The “story” of individual who took it supposedly on September 11 2009 is here: http://www.wsgcradio.com/piece-of-ga-guidestones-recovered-after-nearly-four-years/


Photo-shopped image of “the perpetrator”

The man wearing the red GENCO shirt who publicly destroyed the talismanic cube is definitely a literal stonemason.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 9.13.42 PM


The image below was taken from his Facebook page. (He can be identified from information on Van’s Hardware Journal)


Talisman cube was first noticed on Sept 11 2014. This day is 11 days before the autumnal equinox. At autumnal equinox the sun rises just as Sirius crosses the highest point in the sky. The exact time of the 2014 equinox at Athens Georgia (which lies approximately 33 miles to the southwest of the Guidestones) was – Monday, September 22, 2014 at 10:29 PM EDT

The cube remained in the monument for 3 days after the equinox when it was publicly removed and destroyed on 9/25/2014.

On this date Sirius is at the highest point in the sky just as the sun rises.



(At winter solstice the sun and Sirius are on opposite sides of the earth. At summer solstice June 21st, they rise together. On July 4th Sirius finally rises before the sun. At vernal equinox March 20, the sun sets just as Sirius crosses the north south meridian, the highest point in the sky.)



I agree with the interpretation given by the anonymous source listed on Van’s Hardware Journal.

People first assume this is a date of 8/16/2014. That’s because they read the cube in the wrong direction. They are reading the cube spun clockwise. This is wrong. Remember the guidestones make a big deal out of Polaris. And viewed from Polaris the Earth turns counter-clockwise. The cube date read in this direction becomes: 8/14/2016

The interpretation of the letters, JAM as standing for Judicie Anno Mundi, “In the judgment of the world” rings true as well.

The late modern day alchemist, Stanley Kubrick, and the genius creator of the movie, The Shinning, started his opening scene with a grand view of the area near “going to the sun” highway in Glacier Park Montana. The “hermetic” (first man then woman) Walter/Wendy Carlos, composed the music for the scene from an adaptation of “Dies Irae” (Day of Wrath), a Latin Gregorian chant.

The day of wrath, that day Will dissolve the world in ashes As foretold by David and the Sibyl! Oh, what fear man’s bosom rendeth, When from heaven the Judge descendeth, On whose sentence all dependeth. How much tremor there will be, when the Judge will come, investigating everything strictly!

The interpreting or knowing power of the Guidestone’s tracking of Polaris, as a pivot to the counter clockwise rotation of the celestial sphere also points to the Hermetic tracking of the star Sirius. This correct interpretation of the reading sequence on the talismanic cube points to the importance of the ending date revealed in the height of the Great Pyramid as depicted on the Great Seal.

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  1. If you translate the Hebrew years 5775 and 5776 into their Hebrew forms (5776)הזזו and (5775)הזזה you get and interesting development. The first, הזזה, is a gerund form of “move,” “displace,” or “shift,” so it can be translated as “shifting.” The second, הזזו, is the past tense third person plural form, which would mean “they were shifted.” So right now we are in the beginning of the process of the shifting of 5775, which will be completed in 5776.

    • Thank you Andy for pointing this out. There is no such thing as coincidence.

      Have you noticed that only 2 verses in the Bible use Strong’s H5776?

      One is this:

      Dan 7:6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; (H5776) the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.

  2. This is very interesting. I live less than 10 miles from the guidestones. I drive by them numerous times each year but have only stopped by for a look on 3 or 4 occasions. I’ve seen a couple of tv shows about them, like Decoded and America Unearthed.

    I’ve had a running conversation with a member of the local Masonic lodge, not the one in Elberton, GA, that swears he’s never heard any mention that they have been placed by Masons. He lives even closer to them that I do. I rarely initiate the discussions but he brings up Masonry often and insists that he’s never seen or heard anything nefarious or occultic from his associates. He often tells me he’d get out if he saw anything wrong. He is a very high degree but I can’t remember…31st or 33rd? I don’t know enough about it to know if those are actual levels. He’s baffled that anyone would think Masons had any other agenda than “making good men better”. He claims to be a believing Christian and just can’t see why I’d suggest there was any occultism in Masonry. He swears his “brothers” are too inept a lot to pull off the guidestones feat let alone anything on a larger scale. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

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