Why write a book?

Lately this question has been asked:


“If information in a book is truly important and necessary for people to understand, then why would anyone require money to release it?”


The information in the The Forbidden Secrets Of The Labyrinth needed to be in book format so that it could be pushed into the open as a complete set.

The content as a whole is larger than a blog could accommodate since the seriality or the sequential format needed to remain intact and presented in stages much like each chapter in a basic algebra (Arabic. al jabr “reunion of broken parts”) text. Later chapters depend on the understanding of the previous. Setting up a website would not have been as effective towards this goal.


It would have been difficult to establish the origin of some of the more revelatory information in the book if it had been introduced on a blog. Often new ideas and interpretations of the esoteric put forward on the Internet are plagiarized and later presented in a fashion that lessen the propensity towards understanding.

If all of this had been presented differently, portions would inevitability be taken out of the context and sequence that they were meant to appear and presented later to support agendas which would misrepresent the core message of the book – that eternal life can be gained through knowing Emanuel, “God with us,” Jesus Christ.

The Watcher website has freely offered all its revelatory information since the mid nineties. It wasn’t until David E. Flynn wrote Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles Of Mars that people started to respect his work and understand that he was not just another Internet “conspiracy theorist.”





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