The Essence of the Baphomet hidden in Harry Potter

This page on the Harry Potter series was from the original Watcher Forum which started sometime after the publication of Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars. I recommend taking a look. It identifies hidden aspects of the characters involved (as I see them) and is essential to understanding the topic of this post. The Harry Potter Series: Who are the main characters and who do they represent?



As outlined in 15th chapter of my book, The Forbidden Secrets of The Labyrinth, the “twin” motif often found in ancient myth and modern mysticism represents the multifaceted aspects of the Nachash in the form of Hermes Trismegistus. (the Thrice Great One)

Hermes Trismegistus is represented symbolically in the ancient depictions of the Tauroctony as Mithra flanked by the identical torch bearing twins (identical to Mithra as well) Cautes and Cautopates. To the right (torch held down) and left (torch held up) of Mithra, the twins hide his knowledge from the unworthy or reveal it to his elect. This is the meaning of the term “thrice great,” because Mithra is simultaneously the entity that is the source of the light that he reveals or conceals.

s06can8Hermes Trismegistus allegorically shadows the story of the abduction of twelve year old Helen of Sparta who was later rescued by her twin brothers, Castor and Pollux.

9181The power of Hermes is concealed in the founding story of Rome – symbolically represented as Romulus and Remus in the lair of the she wolf, Lupa Capitolina.

25wolfIn alchemic symbolic art, Hermes is represented in the illustration of Basil Valentine’s Azoth at the beginning of the thirty –second degree in Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma,

83900in John Dee’s Monad,

monasHfromPropaedeumand as simply as the masonic point within the circle – also a representation of the Thrice Great One, with the “twins” flanking the sun or Hermes.

twojohns 2Finally, the mysterious Baphomet represents the most contemporary illustration of the concept.


The nineteenth-century image of a sabbatic goat or Baphomet from Eliphas Levi’s “Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie,” 1854. The arms bear the Latin words solve (“dissolve”) and coagula (“congeal”)



The Hermetic Baphomet is hidden in an ingenious multiphase fashion in the third installment of the Harry Potter series; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black, a wizard known for his ability to turn into a wolf (his Animagus form) had escaped from Azkaban where he had been imprisoned for murder by the Ministry of Magic. Harry had been warned that Sirius was intent on finding and killing him since Sirius had been thought to have helped Voldemort kill his parents.

sirius_blackcdThe name of Harry’s godfather is an important component to understanding and finding the many Baphomet themes hidden in the story. The most important object to the followers of ancient (and modern) alchemy was the brightest star in the northern hemisphere, Sirius, from the Greek σειριος (seirios), which means “burning” or “the scorcher.”

In 1675 the British astronomer John Flamsteed, first Astronomer Royal to King Charles, directed the construction of the royal observatory of Greenwich built for the sole purpose of determining longitude for the earth for the kingdom of Britain. From the Greenwich observatory, the sun and stars were cataloged according to the exact time they passed overhead for every day of the year. It has long been known that the most efficient star with which to determine latitude is the brightest, Sirius.

The Royal Observatory records the passing of the star Sirius by dropping a bright orange ball from the apex of a tower on the Flamsteed House every day at 13:00 hours at the spot on earth designated as the Prime Meridian.

UnhfouseHere, the ancient knowledge of time, space and earth’s connection to the heavens is esoterically displayed. Each day, at 12.55, the time ball rises half way up its mast. At 12.58 it rises all the way to the top. At 13.00 exactly, the ball falls.

timeball_20040526085133Time is fixed to the Earth at the Observatory, “regressing” to the west and “increasing” to the east. The Observatory was “anchored” beneath the celestial sphere at the constellation of the dog or wolf, Canis Major which rests upon Gemini, the twins, corresponding to the area on earth below at the earth’s prime meridian.

Unt0987itledThe constellations Gemini and Canis Major with the brightest star Sirius above (or below depending on viewing orientation) are anchored at the Royal Observatory and the Flamsteed Ball. The prime, key, meridian, highest sun, or point of highest development or fullest alchemic power is always the star Sirius between the twins.

The Wolf Star, Sirius is directly linked to Egyptian Thoth, the Greek Hermes or the Roman god Mercury. The binary system also represents Isis and Osiris together as “one.” Even the Pawnee tribe of North America, and others, refers to Sirius as the “Wolf Star.”

Back to The Prisoner Of Azkaban

An interesting beginning to the process of Harry discovering the truth about his godfather was the intercession of the Weasley twins. They had decided that Harry could benefit from the use of the Marauder’s map and instructed Harry on how to open and close it. According to them, the closing command was important since if Harry failed to do this, “anyone could read it.”


Using the map, Harry discovers that Peter Pettigrew was alive. The little rock impediment, Peter Pettigrew (Latin petrus “rock” and French petit “little,” cru “growth”), was slyly hiding in plain sight, all the while working towards the return of his master through fraud and stealth. It was only through Harry “allowing” Sirius to speak the truth that the rat-man was discovered and the integrity of Sirius understood by all. Through this revealing, the innocence of Sirius Black came to light and he and Harry were united. In a similar fashion to Sirius Black, the Nachash has maintained since the Garden that he had been unjustly punished or “framed” throughout history by the “lies” of the church (represented here by Peter Pettigrew).

Mat 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Only to those who give his “truth” a chance to be heard – just as Harry had allowed Sirius to speak – will the true Hermetic light finally be revealed. Later, the despicable traitor rat-man is key to the return of Voldemort, just as the church is key to the return of Christ.

Romulus and Remus – Sirius Black and Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin was Harry’s mentor and friend (teaching him the Patronus Charm) as well as a werewolf. He was wise and yet misguided in a very literal sense. In his wolf form he was powerless to avoid destroying others. It took the true light – Sirius – along with the Hippogriff – the manifestation of the light bringer on earth (to be discussed later), to stop his attack on Harry and Hermione. He is an example of those who would follow the light of Lucifer but allow themselves to be manipulated by outside influences rather than concentrating solely on the true light.


The Israelites depended on the cycles of the moon to determine seasons and to measure time. Today, western civilization uses the sun movement based Gregorian calendar, refined from the Roman introduced by Julius Caesar. Since the time of Plato, men considered the phases of the moon as having a powerful effect on the behavior of men. Remember that Romulus (the exalted one) killed his twin brother at the founding of Rome when Remus leapt over his wall. Professor Lupin’s name aptly describes both his outward and hidden composition, just as the lupin flower provides food and is pleasant to the eye, the underlying meaning of the name Lupin comes from the Latin, lupinus meaning, “of a wolf.”

This is yet another symbolic instance of the concept of Hermes Trismagistus appearing in The Prisoner of Azkaban. The two men, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin represent opposite characteristics, in the same manner that Romulus and Remus of the Roman legend were opposites. One possessed control over his wolf, but the other was a slave to the phases of the moon. They are the image of Romulus and Remus in the Lair. The wolves with the hidden meaning of the light of Sirius common to both, form the center essence of Hermes, that of the source of knowledge or light.



The scene by the Black (or Great) lake – The ultimate Hermetic Baphomet.

After the werewolf, Remus Lupin, had mauled Sirius, Harry found him lying near the edge of the Great (or Black) Lake. Soon they both came under the attack of the evil angel-like Dementors who were sent to guard Hogwarts. (The Dementors kill by consuming their victim’s soul, a form of annihilation that goes “beyond death.”)

As the attack progressed and Harry became too weak to put up a defense, a curious, small luminous ball began to slowly rise upwards out of the mouth of the still body of Sirius Black. Anyone watching this odd scene would assume the rising ball to be a physical manifestation of Sirius’ soul. The luminous soul-ball had its ascent interrupted by a figure from across the lake who was able to execute a powerful Patronus spell, scattering the Dementors. Immediately the precariously floating luminous ball descended back into Sirius’ mouth and as it did, he took a deep breath, the light and life returning to his body.


Compare the ritual of the Flamsteed ball at the Royal Observatory and the scene at the shore of the Black Lake. Both the Sirius soul-ball and the Flamsteed ball symbolically re-enact, or more specifically (in light of the plan of the Nachash) pre-enact the death and resurrection of the light bringer. Not only are both scenes – Harry with Sirius Black dying and being reborn, and the Flamsteed ball rising and falling – illustrating the plan of the Nachash, they both occur in a specific setting. Sirius Black, like the Phoenix, dies while the Harry of the present is powerless to prevent it. Sirius is reborn as the Harry of the future powerfully dispels the attacking Dementors (demons/angels/restrainers) with intense light. Like the Royal Observatory on the prime meridian flanked by the celestial starry twins, Sirius Black is flanked by Harry potter present and Harry Potter future.

Consider the symbol created by Petrus Alfonsi in his Tetragrammaton diagram from 1109 which expressed aspects of the doctrine of the Trinity. Known as the Scutum Fidei or “Shield of the Faith”, it was considered to be God’s coat of arms. The diagram consists of four nodes interconnected by six links. The three nodes at the edge of the diagram are labeled with the names of the three persons of the Trinity in Latin – Father, “PATER”, Son,”FILIUS”, and Holy Spirit, “SPIRITUS SANCTUS”. The center is labeled God, “DEUS” with the three links connecting the center node labeled “is” or “EST”. The three links connecting the outer nodes to each other are labeled “is not” or “NON EST”.


The shield of the Knight. From William Peraldus’ Summa Vitiorum, 1255–1265



Each member of the Hermetic Trinity are related in the same fashion. Each is Hermes, just as all three together are Hermes.


The Prisoner of Azkaban has many examples of the Hermetic Baphomet trinity:

  • Sirius Black, The wolf, Remus Lupin.
  • Lupin (the flower – (Romulus aspect)), werewolf, Lupin (“of a wolf” (Remus aspect).
  • George Weasley, Marauder’s Map, Fred Weasley.
  • George Weasley, Harry, Fred Weasley.
  • Harry present, Sirius Black, Harry future.
  • Harry past, Professor Dumbledore (giver of the “Time Turner”), Harry future.



Hermes Trismegistus







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  1. Pretty good except the roman catholic church was not founded by the Apostle Peter, rather the magician Simon Magus.

    The RCC is the 1st beast spoken of by John. J K Rowling was unaware of this. Not surprising the truth was hidden from a demon worshiper of course.

  2. An event took place over the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, 1-28-2011, at approx. 0:55 am, in the first hour of the day. Only a few million people seem to have looked at the 4 separate videos, from 4 separate locations, on youtube. It takes some time to find and collect the various videos that need to be seen in order to understand the complete dynamics of what took place. A couple of false videos were made the same week, and many have been obscured by someone. This was also the same week the so-called Arab spring began.
    Many of the symbols that Mark Flynn has found and presented, seem to be connected to this event over the Temple Mount. The use of the tetrahedron formation above, I would calculate, has it’s origins with the “red” stars, seen after the “white” star takes off at instant mach speed. By my thorough estimation, what is seen is the 1st and 2nd seals of the Book of the Lamb, being loosed. The beginning of War in heaven. Once it can be discerned, by comparing Revelation 12:7 thru to 13, with Revelation 6 and 7, that the same event is being described from different angles, it can be understood that the rider of the white horse is the arch angel Michael. The “red” horses (stars/angels) are the dragon and his angels, which there are 4. The same 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth, in Rev. 7. The same 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth above the altar at the Vatican. The same 4 angels which the Masonic compass and square represent. The “action” that the 4 red stars make, over the Temple Mount, are serpentine and vortex-like, as the Vatican altar also represents. My view is that the dragon and his angels are being exalted at the Basilica, without doubt. Add this to the symbols of the “rebirth of Osiris”/Azazel at the Vatican, which is actually the manifestation of the angel of the bottomless pit (Azazel/Apollyon/Osiris) to possess a man, to become the beast, or antichrist. The son of perdition. Man of sin. All sin was ascribed unto Azazel, in The Book of Enoch. Every aspect of Osiris is exactly what was done to Azazel. They are one in the same. Thus the “man of sin” is this Azazel/Osiris manifesting and possessing a man. The ritual which took place in ancient times with the Pharaoh becoming god, or Horus, is the ritual where the pharaoh becomes “possessed” by Osiris/Azazel. Right eye the sun, left eye the moon, represents the results of this ritual. The moon has no power in and of itself, it is merely a reflection of the sun. The symbols Mark found in the Morals and Dogma book are the same, only showing 2 heads on one body, one associated to the sun, and the other associated to the moon. This is the same representation as the ancient Osirian ritual. “Right eye the sun, left eye the moon, sky the body”. My view on this is that the sun and moon are separate entities, in the same body, is what this represents. Jesus said, “the eyes are the window of the soul”. Daniel speaks that the beast shall do all these things (destruction), “but not by his own power”. He is possessed by this fallen angel of the bottomless pit, which when released during the 5th trumpet, in “his own skin”, no longer needs to possess a man. He then makes an “image” of the beast, because Jesus just killed the vessel he was inhabiting. Can not kill God, so you must continue the charade of deception by giving “life” unto the image. “He exercise all the power of the 1st beast”. Because he IS the first beast, in effect. Prior to the 5th trumpet, the beast is killed by Jesus arrival, as stated in 2nd Thess. This takes place during the 6th seal, before the trumpets sound, when the 1st group of the Elect are gathered and taken to stand before God’s throne, and the 144,000 left here as the “first fruits” who stand with Jesus at Armageddon, 3-1/2 years later. The soul of Apollyon is then sent back to it’s prison of Perdition, in the bottomless pit, after Jesus kills him. I have a few more things I could show you and explain about all this, but it will take more time. An Apollo coin with 3 dolphins swimming around an “A”, represent what the red stars do over the Temple Mount, as well. I will send a picture of this if you give me an email. Here are the pertinent videos. Pay special attention to the “Closer look” one. The winged disc video is also very telling. Strange how the discs are always red, in every culture.
    War in heaven began over the Temple Mount on 1-28-2011. The Book of the Lamb is about this war and the final hour. Where else would it begin, but over the Temple Mount? Who else would begin this war, but Michael? COMPARE the Rev. chapters I listed. You will be surprised. We are there. God Bless, Devon Drake

    PS. the rider who’s name is death with hell following, is the antichrist. Osiris is the king of death, king of the underworld. This is the manifestation of the 1st beast.
    PSS. Notice the resemblance of the current Pope to the face on one of the 2-headed pictures that Mark exhibits. (A Closer Look) (Winged Discs)

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