Signs Of Coming Incremental Chaos.

Signs appearing now are giving us warnings to events that will cause incrementally induced chaos.

The Freemasonic motto, ordo ab chao “order out of chaos” is the final step towards what is described by the Illuminated elite as the “Great Work” and the setting of the capstone.

The pyramid on the reverse of The Great Seal of the United States graphically displays the schedule:

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.25.02 PM

See David Flynn’s video describing the significance of the Great Pyramid as well as Jewish year 5776, which begins on Rosh Hashana, September 14th , 2015.



Throughout the history of the stock market, volatility has commonly signaled large downturns or crashes. The variance amplitude reflects the ultimate magnitude of decline.

Extreme volatility occurred on August 24th . This was the first time in history that S&P500, Nasdaq and DJIA all hit their respective “limit down” thresholds.




Daniel said to king Belshazzar:

“This [is] the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.”

Dan 5:26-28


From The Temple At The Center Of Time, David Flynn writes:

“…the words MENE MENE TEKEL UPARSIN, were actually monetary values. These are described as the standards of weight for use in Ezekiel’s future temple in Jerusalem, “And the shekel (TEKEL) [shall be] twenty gerahs: twenty shekels, five and twenty shekels, fifteen shekels, shall be your maneh.” (MINA) Eze 45:12 The numeric quantity represented were units of ancient Chaldean weights and measures.

The gerah was the smallest proportion of weight used in Babylonian commerce at the time. Mene (1,000 gerahs), Mene (1,000 gerahs), Tekel (20 gerahs), and the Peres, to divide the Mene (500 gerahs) …equaling 2,520.”


August 24th – 2520 days since the US stock market fell 777 points, (also the last Shemitah) the US stock market again fell 588 points (both equaling 21) after recovering from an all time intraday plunge of 1089.

(The Sabbath year (Hebrew: Shemitah “release”) also called the sabbatical year or sheviit (“seventh”) is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah for the Land of Israel.)

From The Forbidden Secrets Of The Labyrinth:

“The word Tekel (to weigh) is related to the word for currency used in the ancient world, the shekel or shaqal. The corresponding word in Syriac relates to the idea of “suspending a balance” and the Ethiopic, “to suspend, as on a cross.”

Later that night Darius the Mede (Hebrew, “the lord of the midst”) killed Belshazzar and took his kingdom. Belshazzar means “Bel protect the king” and corresponds to Belteshazzar, “lord of the straitened’s (deficient, distressed, narrow) treasure.”

Like the Philistines who Samson destroyed at Ashkelon and the proud king Belshazzar, the corrupt system of commerce that controls our modern world will be judged and found wanting.”

Just as the interpretation of the writing on the wall predicted the fall of the Babylonian empire, the number contained in the message reflects the same condemnation and heralds the destruction of the financial power controlled by the “new” Babylon. The phenomenon of it having occurred as an increment of days between two very significant market crashes is no coincidence – especially in light of both instances being on or near the Shemitah dates.

The day before the August 24th harbinger of the coming economic decline, the Temple of Baal Shamin (Lord of the “air” or heavens) located in Palmyra, Syria was destroyed by ISIS.

“Syria’s head of antiquities was quoted as saying the temple was blown up on Sunday.”


Islam venerates the same crescent moon-holy stone-mystery amalgamation as the ancient Egyptians and Anatolians, but does not worship the moon or the Kaaba with a specific understanding of what they represented in antiquity.


Torch and crescent moon (or bull horns) symbol of Hecate

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.05.39 PM

Symbol of Islam

Mithras, Isis, Hathor, Hecate, and Apollo are different names for the same bloodthirsty deity who wishes to destroy the plan of God as well as the people who follow the truth.

The ignorant Islamic zealots destroyed the temple of the very god that they worship. Not only did this act unwittingly profane their god, it prophesied their (and their god’s) ultimate destruction. Baal Shamin, also known as Hadad (whose symbol was the bull) was a Northwest Semitic storm and rain god. Hadad was also called “Pidar”, “Rapiu” or “Baal-Zephon”.


Palmyrene deities: from left to right: the lunar god Aglibôl, the supreme god Beelshamên, the sun god Malakbêl.

Notice the similarities to Persian god Mithra flanked by his torch bearers with Sol Invictus (sun) and Cybele (moon).


Baalshamen is the same god as the Assyrian demon Pazuzu whose likeness was used in the movie, The Exorcist. (the Pazuzu statue was actually found during an excavation in the ancient city of Nineveh, where the prophet Jonah went after being swallowed by the “great fish”.)




The increment of 2520 days between stock market crashes is a symbolic herald of the same disaster that befell Belshazzar. The corrupt system of commerce that controls our modern world will be judged and found wanting. The new Babylon will fall. The “balance” between the path laid out by the Nachash and the true path towards life (the cross) given to humanity by Emmanuel is left for the people of the earth to decide.

Much has been written concerning the importance of September 2015 as a potentially significant turning point in the state of the world. If an overview of the many harbingers coming in September is needed, these two fairly short videos (both approx. 20 minutes each) will get the reader up to speed.

Prepare – We are at the Verge of Collapse Says Jonathan Cahn Author of Mystery of the Shemitah.

Jonathan Cahn: The Shemitah unlocked, Blood Moons and Solar Eclipses – Great shaking coming?


This YouTube video concerning the Richard Shaw film, Torah Codes End To Darkness, illustrates expectations shared by various contemporary Jewish scholars of the coming year – 5776 (beginning on September 14th 2015):

Skip to 5:50 and watch up to 10:58.


The Shemitah is God’s schedule, and the Nachash must work within the parameters set by God in an effort to glorify himself. The Shemitah was ordained by God as a time of renewal and rest for men. Satan has used it as time to create chaos for mankind in order for him to move toward his ultimate goal.

The extraordinary August 24th stock market crash 2520 event, and the destruction of the Baalsheman Temple by ISIS, are harbingers pointing to the significance and magnitude of the coming changes, potentially starting in September. These may point to chaotic changes in our financial system in the short term as steps to the completion of the Great Work of the illuminated elite. Despite the Nachash’s efforts to usurp and distort the times and seasons ordained by the God Of The Universe, the harbingers that are being seen today ultimately point to the destruction of the Nachash and the end of his rule on earth.

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  1. Wow Mr. Flynn! That is all I can say. I am no mathematician but the video by your brother David was truly amazing and it goes to show that you can’t make this stuff up as they say. God bless you for using your talents our Father gave you to expose the darkness. Now if Believers everywhere would wake up and get on their knees to pray our Lord would forgive not only the actions done by this nation but others as well. I know He is still on the throne and we can only push back the darkness for so long. Our Creator has an agenda that must be fulfilled and we were told by the Savior Himself what would be coming to “this generation”. His loving kindness and mercy are great. But how much more will He allow?

  2. Mark,

    Hope you saw ALL of the videos over the Temple Mount on 1-28-2011, and the “red” stars that follow the “white” one. Most have not, and are unaware that there was MORE to the picture, that was intentionally obscured. The Masonic “square and compass” represent the SAME thing as the “circle and square” of various ancient peoples. It is a direct representation of the “dragon and his angels”, seen as flashing red stars in the sky, and the “serpentine” movement they follow. You likely have seen the Apollo coins with the strange circle/square/grid pattern and dolphins swimming around an “A”, which is the top of a pyramid. The dolphins jump in and out of 2 dimensions, water, air, water, air, etc., as they swim around the A. What you see over the Temple Mount in the red stars, is this same action, but with light, dark, light, dark. Still 2 dimensions. All these ancient symbols describe what was seen of the red stars over the Temple Mount. Ancients saw this same thing.

    The 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth, of Revelation 7, ARE the dragon and his angels. The 4 angels above the altar at the Vatican, standing on the 4 corners of the “vortex” spiraling pillars, connected to the globe/earth in the center are the dragon and his angels.

    War in heaven began over the Temple Mount on 1-28-2011. The white horse and red horse, the first 2 Seals of the Book of the Lamb, are the beginning of that war. The arch angel Michael is the rider of the 1st white horse, determined by comparing Rev 12:7 forward, to Rev 6-7. Same event. The dragon and his angels are the 2nd red horse. The antichrist/beast is the 4th horseman, who is directly described having the same attribute as Osiris/Azazel, the angel of the bottomless pit, also known as Apollyon and Abaddon. . The “rider named Death, with hell following” is the same as “King of Death, King of the underworld”. Zecheriah 11:17 also gives all the symbols of Horus’ power, directly linking the identity of antichrist to Osiris. He was called “god with the upraised arm” and his right eye was the sun, representing the possession by an angel of light, Azazel. The angel of the bottomless pit IS Osiris/Azazel/Apollyon.

    The 1st and 2nd beasts are the same spirit, one who’s body is in Perdition (bottomless pit prison) who possesses a man to become the antichrist/1st beast, and one who is released from his prison of Perdition in his own skin, that rises up out of the bottomless pit after the 5th trumpet. Jesus kills the man of sin prior to the 5th trumpet, sending the spirit of Azazel back to his Perdition/bottomless pit. Enoch states that “all sin was ascribed unto Azazel”. The “man of sin” can not come from anywhere else but Azazel.

    The two-headed symbols represent the fusion of Azazel with whatever man he will possess to become god/antichrist. “Right eye the sun, left eye the moon”, as in the Osirian ritual of Horus, where the Pharaoh becomes god/possessed. Looks a lot like this Pope, in one of your two-headed pictures.

    Temple Mount videos, gleaned by a few hours of search. Take note of the Dove-like form of the white star, who I absolutely now believe was Michael.

    I hope you have the time to read what I have taken the time to send you. It will add to your arsenal of knowledge, God willing. …God Bless, Devon Drake (A Closer Look) (Winged Discs)

    • I’m sorry, Devon, your explanation on the four horses in Rev 6 is extremely misleading. The correct interpretation In a nutshell: These four horses are four symbols representing the same power through the history of the church. They are signifying the evil power of the devil in various stages from the early days of the church until up today and the days to come up to the end of this world. They have nothing to do with the archangel Michael riding the white horse as you asserted.

      After having received the true revelation from the Almighty by an ordained prophet of God the true church of God is to respond misinterpretations in huge numbers all over the world. And just one of them is even yours. Your comment is the worst case.

      In case you’re really interested in finding the truth about those things you may reply.

  3. Zecheriah 11:17 describes the “idol shepherd”. The pharaohs were called shepherds and hold the shepherd’s crook. No more idols are seen than in Egypt. The symbols of Horus’ power are his “upraised arm” and his “Right eye”. “Right eye the sun” is the representation of the “sun-god”, the spirit which possesses the man to become antichrist. The moon is another “separate” entity, which has no power in and of itself. It is a reflection of the power of the sun. Two separate entities in the same body. A composite of two heads on one body represents this manifestation of possession, as does “right eye the sun, left eye the moon.” Zecheriah 11:17 is a direct rebuke by God of the symbols of Horus’ power, confirming that “Horus” is the antichrist. Horus merely represents this composite fusion of the spirit of Osiris with Pharaoh/man. Shows that the King od death and rider named death are one in the same spiritual entity.

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