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Just read Chad Schafer and Doug Krieger’s new book:

The World In The Bondage Of Egypt – Under the Triumphal Arch of Titus

Highly recommended.


Not only was the Pyrus Cydonia a base for the concept of a unit of rotation or angle, it is also the reason that a coin is money. The coin is the human life exchange unit that mirrors the likeness of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil – the thing that caused the need for money in the first place.  1/10 of 1 oz of silver is historically worth 1 days work.



I was very happy and grateful to Steve Quayle to see that he had recently published a tribute edition of David Flynn’s “Cydonia, The Secret Chronicles of Mars.”  Thank you Steve.
Steve was instrumental in getting the book out 15 years ago.
I think many have heard the story that Dave told me around the time he had just completed his manuscript. From out of the blue Steven called and told him that, “God told me to get your book published.”
Dave and Steve remained good friends for the rest of Dave’s life and corresponded regularly.
Needless to say, I immediately ordered the new tribute edition (It was expensive – the purchase + cheapest ground shipping was $39.95, but a bargain compared to the $200+ prices that used copies run) and I was happy when I finally pulled it out of my mailbox.
As a heart warming tribute, Steve included a very nice forward of 40 pages and I am glad that I purchased the book.  However, I noticed regretfully that all of the illustrations had been omitted. Not one anywhere but the very last page (an ouroboros). Dave would have liked the many images in the original 2002 publishing to appear in color and where he intended, inline. He compromised later having them together in B&W at the end of each chapter in order to keep purchase costs down. I know this because he told me how important he felt the illustrations were.
The David Flynn Collection” does have all the images included in the 2nd section,  “Cydonia, The Secret Chronicles of Mars.” I just wanted to put this information out –  not in anyway as a slight to Steve Quayle, but I want readers in the future to know that the original book did have illustrations.