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Mark is the author of Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth: The Awakened Ones, The Hidden Destiny of America, and the Day After Tomorrow.

The Watcher website was a product of David, Brenda and Mark Flynn’s conspiratorial “think tank” based in Helena Montana, and started in 1993.



Describing the “legitimacy” of one’s education using the terminology provided by the institutions of the “silent districts” (academia) would be a vulgar act and since I no longer consider myself vulgar in this respect, profane as well. I did continue my education after high school for 7 years and completed the required work necessary to receive my “folded papers.” My specific areas of study were mathematics, computer science and psychology.

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  1. I am eager to see what the Spirit has revealed in esoteric symbol. Davids work is profound. It really put the pieces of the puzzle together for me. The symbols , of which I was quite familiar. But could not quite put together. I am eager for more gestalt moments. Breathtaking ! Peace.

    • Thanks Larry. I’ll be using this site to post material that will augment important concepts from FSOL as soon as people start receiving copies.

  2. I am looking forward to reading your book, I just tonight finished your brothers two books. He has been a blessing to me and increased my faith in the Lord through his research. He is missed by many. God bless you Mark.

  3. Hi Mark,
    i felt your pain on the hagman and hagman broadcast, steve did a great job filling in the blanks, but i was sold on the book as soon as you made reference to something i related to in the first few minutes of the show.
    I am in the UK so i’m finding it hard to find a reseller and
    customerservice@survivormall.com seem to be unreachable…
    Looking forward to reading the book and your augmented material here on this forum


  4. Hi mark,
    I purchased your book around sept 18th, from the previous ‘above’ website, and still have not heard anything back with exception to an email confirming my order of 2 copy’s + the bonus materials contained in the advertisement, the following link take you to the seller, please note that when i made my purchase the offer was still available.
    so my question is are these seller reliable and authorised to sell your books, almost 4wks seems like a long time not to have heard back let alone be in receipt of the books .


    • Ian,

      I received my order from survivormall 3 days ago after purchasing it back on the 16th. I have been hearing that they are slow from many people but I know that they are reliable. Sorry it has taken so long. Amazon on the other hand was much faster at delivering – only took a week.



  5. HI MARK,
    Many thanks for the update, I’m sure you are correct about Amazon but they were out of stock when i wanted to order, i guessed that was because of my location being in the UK, also the offer of the bonus material was to good to miss out on.
    The order will be dispatched to a friend in Canada, then posted to me , i then have to send half the order to France!!!

    I am currently 3hrs 40mins into your 3 interview with Josh Peck which i have watched back to back since writing the above post. that’s an indication to how.fascinating it is to hear you cover the topics and put them together. well done you
    Right 20mins to go (your just about to bring money into the conversation..
    Once again many thanks for the heads up regarding delivery


  6. Hello Mark,
    Permit me to thank you for the excellent work in unraveling the labyrinth. I believe this work is anointed to bring many out of Babylon. God began this work in my family recently (we are believers who have always been seeking truth over deception). After reading this book something strange happened. As I consulted the Bible I began to see subtle spiritual applications in whatever passages I was reading. I have had isolated instances of this happening, but not like this. I can only describe what is happening as if I have put on a pair of reading glasses and suddenly can see what ever I glance at clearly where it was blurred before.
    God showed me that a certain verse applied to what was happening. It is from Jeremiah 29 11-15. God is allowing us to find him because we are seeking to be extracted from the Babylon -serpent culture in every way, and verse 15 is the key. Because you have said “The Lord raised up prophets for us in Babylon”. This book, your work is fulfilling that scripture, and if we have eyes to see, and believe that God is removing Babylon from us, then He will let us find Him!
    I don’t know how it is with others, but this work is excellent.

    I have one question. When do you think the new tower will fall? ( I hope I wasn’t premature in typing that question, but I am on pg 247 referencing July 2015. I see that tower must fall to symbolize the false joining and I know we must be close). I ask the question before finishing the book because I just couldn’t wait any longer to send you a thank you note for the work you’ve accomplished.

    In our Lord Messiah,
    your brother

  7. Hello, I was just introduced to you via Josh Peck and youtube. I am new to most of these prophetic type circles as I just stumbled upon shows like Prophecy in the News in September of 2014 while up late at night sewing my daughter’s wedding dress. My mind was blown and I followed the rabbit tracks to different guests on the programs…..I am still finding new people to consider.

    My reason for writing is my eight year old son Troy. He is brilliant and driven. I homeschool him and he craves knowledge and information. Last year he was introduced to mythology through history class having studied Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome and wanting to provide an exciting humanities type exposure, I encouraged this and we found the Percy Jackson series of books and movies. He absorbed the entire concept of mythology like an empty computer hard drive and could swirl all the characters and their relationships around in his head like a juggler.

    Eventually I heard on PITN someone teaching that these mythological characters were based on fallen angels and they represented real entities, not harmless stories and I freaked out! I had just encouraged my son to fill his cranium with all this knowledge! So I sat him down and told him that all these stories were true and giants were real etc and that he needed to turn his interest in these subjects into knowledge of the enemy who wanted to return and destroy God’s Kingdom. Troy took it very well, but when I would express my concern about his continued interest in these stories, he would tell me he wanted to enjoy the adventure stories for the fun of them regardless of whether they were true or not. I thought that was reasonable and I resigned myself to pray for him to not be negatively influenced.

    The Lord has led me to read the Bible to Troy from the beginning as opposed to children’s Bible stories. Troy is very intelligent and we have deep Spiritual and philosophical discussions. I have no qualms about teaching him Spiritual Warfare as much as he needs to understand. What this showed me is that God wanted Troy to have the tools to defeat the enemy and that is the Word of God! Troy was at first bored with Bible stories since they weren’t portrayed like a Percy Jackson or Harry Potter novel was and then I remembered Frank Peretti had a kids’ series in the 90’s that I read to my thirty year old and I tracked the books down from the library and fed them to him. I would love more material like this.

    Troy is not a typical kid and his poor playmates have to hear about Nephilim and the Apocalypse! I am forever apologizing to my friend when Troy tells her daughter things she doesn’t need to know. I am exasperated with him and at the same time I am dedicating him to the Lord for His Purposes. Troy has the potential to be a mighty warrior for God! His is a course I continually need to steer to keep on track, but I can’t help but feel there is a special purpose and anointing on my special son and what God has for him. I would really like an anointed mentor to help develop Troy’s giftings outside of my motherly instincts. I pray he and I will be led by the Holy Spirit. I wish that we had access to so many people like yourself who go beyond the surface of what we are given to accept and are able to see the deeper meanings of Scripture, history and mythology. Do any suggestions come to mind? Thank you for your consideration.

    God Bless,
    Cathy and Troy in Michigan

  8. Thank you for the beyond excellent work and fascinating reading.

    I’m sure you have many future works that would be eagerly awaited with your in depth knowledge that is important for Christian’s to understand as we see so much coming to pass in quick succession.

    Karen Holland RRT
    Boise, Idaho

  9. Mark, I’m ordering your book via a SW pkg. David’s ” Temple…” is in my top tier of great books. My very favorite teacher was Mrs. Flynn, 5th grade, Sawyer School, Chicago, 1955. Your ancestor? I know it’s a longshot, but she was a kind , loving woman who instilled Christian values in us. I vaguely remember (from her obituary?) that she was related to a doctor, and you have a Chicago connection. Your brother in Christ, Jim Richel

  10. Hi Mark, what do you think of the following notion? Luciferians call the obelisk Cleopatra’s Needle because it is a giant hypodermic needle used in cloning procedures. Its 2D eqivalent is a circle (egg) inserted by a (line) needle found on banners erected during Luciferian rituals. It refers to resurrection via genetic engineering resurrection of the ancients from DNA preserved via mumification. And the snake swallowing the egg represents Luciferian concept of Lucifer mating with Eve to produce the demigod bloodlines who rule and seek to resurrect.

  11. Where are you Mark? You started a series on eyes wide shut that was so informative! I was waiting on part 3 but then started to get worried about not hearing from you on any media… just want to make sure you are ok brother.

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